I decided to set up this blog as I found that there were actually more people interested in my recipes and handicrafts than I’d expected.  I also thought it would be nice way for my children to have a permanent record of everything they used to eat at home, unlike myself, who’d give anything to find out just how my nana used to make all those delicious cakes, ready for when we called for afternoon tea on our way home from school!  I’m starting to put the ingredients for each recipe in Spanish as well, as the kids have grown up here in Spain – so if they don’t know what a trifle is, they won’t know what trifle sponges are either!!  Just an explanation for them:

1 tbsp (tablespoon) = 15ml [cucharada sopera]
1 dspn (dessertspoon) = 10ml [cucharada de postre]
1 tsp (teaspoon) = 5ml [cucharadita de café]

You can find a variety of conversion charts (imperial to metric and visa versa) at the bottom of this page on the right hand side, or clicking over the conversion you need here: ounces-gramscups-tablespoons-teaspoonsfluid ounces-mililitresinches-centimetresgas-celsius-farenheitkilos-pounds-ounces. There are hundreds of web sites where you can find all conversions on the same page.

The majority of my recipes either come from the hundreds of recipe books I’ve accumulated over the past forty years, or from recipes I’ve found on the web (taking into account that for every ten or so I try out, only one of them will be worth sharing!) or, without a doubt, daddy’s culinary expertise and passion for good food!  On that note, I’ve tried to include in every recipe it’s origin or link.

As for handicrafts, well I think I bought my first set of knitting needles and a pile of wool when I left home for the very first time and worked as a nanny in South London at 18 years old.  My mum had taught me the basic knit and pearl stitches when I was young, and that’s how I managed to follow a pattern and make my first cardigan.  A few years later, just before getting married, I bought my first sewing machine and bit by bit, taught myself how to sew. I guess it must be age creeping up on me, but I now find it impossible to sit down in front of the tele (or even on the train on my way to work!) without a handicraft project on the go! Please be aware that it’s not my intention in this section to give instructions on how to elaborate these handicrafts, as the majority I tend to make-up-as-I-go.  However, if anyone has a particular interest in knowing just how things were made, and can’t figure it out from the photos, I wouldn’t mind explaining it in more detail.

Kazy B



11 thoughts on “HOME”

  1. Carmina said:

    Fantastic blog!!!!. Lovely dogs and cat.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ignacio said:

    Hi, Karen.
    You have a lovely web page. I’m not used to read blogs, but thanks to you I will.
    It’s a pity that it’s not in Spanish, but other hand it’s a good occasion for me to practice my poor English.
    I will try to add some suggestions, recipes, etc. can I?
    Thanks again for your link & good luck.
    Ignacio from Santiago.


    • Thanks very much Ignacio. Feel free to make any suggestions, corrections, opinions you like…… and any recipes you may like to recommend, especially with all the lovely fish you have up there in Galicia, would be more than welcome!
      My blog’s in English so that my parents can understand it better (although some ingredients I also translate into English by the side, so my children don’t get confused!!)
      I hope you’ll try out some of my recipes – – I’m sure you’ll enjoy them!


  3. Hi, Karen,

    What a lovely blog, and such wonderful furred family members!
    It was really nice to meet you today, with the “gasas” conversation, hehe 🙂
    You’re a lovely woman! And hilarious too!

    I’d like to translate your blog into Spanish (of course, totally voluntarily!), in case you’d like to!

    Best regards,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well that’s a very generous offer Elisabet! I don’t know if you’re aware of the amount of work that translating a blog would entail. I once did it for a friend, from Spanish to English, and it seemed never-ending! I haven’t done it for my own blog literally through lack of time. I have hundreds of photos and recipes that are still awaiting to be uploaded, but between work, animals, parents and many other responsibilities, I just never seem to get round to it. It would, however be great!! We could get together and talk it over if you like?
      Un fuerte abrazo


      • Sure, let’s have a coffee or a nice beer and meet a bit more! 🙂
        How can we be in touch? Shall I just share my email address here? (I can give you the number later on via email, as it’s more private).
        Let me know! 🙂
        Que tengas un bonito día,


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