Dog’s mattress out of old jeans


If you have a family pet, make use of old jeans cutting them into strips and making a nice thick mattress for your pet.  This really should be a removable cover for easy washing, with another one exactly the same (but with no opening) in a lighter weight material inside.  But, as it was a last-minute rush job, I just made a velcro opening along one side and filled it with wadding (which can also be removed for washing if it’s too big to fit in your washing machine as a whole).  For the base, I used an old towel, which just happened to be the right size.  As you can see, it didn’t take any of them long to take possession!!

Dog Matress3 Dog Matress2Dog MatressDog bed 1 Dog bed 3 Dog bed 2Dog Matress7Dog Matress6Dog Matress5Dog Matress4Dog's matress

As my dogs seemed to like Khaleesi’s bed so much, I decided to make one for them.  I ordered a 300L box of expanded polysterene balls on the web to fill this one, thinking it would be more comfortable for them.  I made a lining out of an old sheet, filled it with the balls, but then found I couldn’t fit it into the lateral opening I’d made on the bed!  Why didn’t I think of making the opening at the top or bottom??!!!  When I finally managed to get the filled lining in place, it was far too full really.  Only Fox has sat on it so far.  Khaleesi did try, but rolled off!!  So I decided, instead of removing the entire lining with filling, to make a lateral opening, remove a whole bin-liner full of polysterene balls, then hand-sew it up again.  And this was the result……….

Dog Matress10 Dog Matress9 Dog Matress8

Even so, none of the animals, other tan Fox want to lie on it – – I think it’s probably because it makes a kind of ‘crunchy’ sound with all those balls!!  So I’ll probably end up replacing the filling with normal wadding and inventing something else to fill with the balls!!


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