Crêpes Suzette

This recipe is from another of the M&S wonderful recipe books collection, called “Restaurant Dishes of the World” (1984).

Everyone should enjoy, at least once, the classic restaurant experience of having a dish prepared and flamed at the table.  What a production it is, with gleaming copper pans, leaping flames, and a waiter chosen for his expertise and showmanship!

Crêpes Suzette is among the most famous of these table dishes.  At home, the crêpes may be assembled in the kitchen but flamed at the table, for a touch of restaurant theatrics.

I remember when I first tried out this recipe whilst still living in London, recently married, a recent first-time mother and my mum had come over to give me a hand.  When my husband found out that I’d used 120ml of Gran Marnier in a dessert recipe I got into real trouble – – double trouble in fact!  Goes without saying, I never made this again – – at least not until after I got divorced!


12 Crêpes

Suzette Sauce:
4 sugar cubes (cubitos azúcar)
1 orange (naranja)
75g unsalted butter (mantequilla sin sal)
Few drops of lemon juice (una gotas de zumo de limón)
120ml Grand Marnier, Cointreau or Curaçao liqueur (licores)
120ml brandy, warmed (coñac)

If crêpes have been made ahead, warm them slightly, wrapped in foil, in a preheated slow oven (150ºC).

Rub the sugar cubes on the rind of the orange until they are soaked in flavourful oil.  Crush the sugar with a fork, then cream with 50g of butter.  Place the remaining 25g of butter in a chafing dish or frying pan.  Squeeze the orange and add the juice to the pan with the lemon juice and liqueur.  Bring to the boil, then add the creamed orange butter and stir until dissolved.

Place the crêpes in the sauce one at a time and heat, spooning sauce over.  Fold each crêpe in quarters like a handkerchief and push to the side of the pan before adding the next one.

When all the crêpes have been folded, spoon sauce over them, drizzle with warmed brandy and set alight.  When flames die, serve 2 crêpes, with a little sauce, per portion.




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