PUMPKIN SOUP/Crema de Calabaza


This is so quick and easy – and what’s more, delicious!

1/2 large pumpkin, peeled, seeds removed and chopped (calabaza)
2 large leeks, cut in half lengthwise and chopped (puerros)
1L brik chicken stock (I use Gallina Blanca Caldo Casero de Pollo)
Olive oil, 1 bayleaf, salt & pepper (aceite de oliva, laurel, sal & pimienta)
Cheese triangle portions (4-6), optional (quesitos caserio)

Simply heat a good finger depth of olive oil in a large pan and fry the leeks for 5 mins.  Add the chopped pumpkin and continue frying for another 5-10 mins, stirring every now and then.  Add the chicken stock (adding more water if you think the end result’s going to be too thick), salt, pepper and bayleaf.  Cover and simmer gently for around 15 mins, or until the vegetables are tender.  Now just whizz it all up in your liquidizer.  If you want a creamier soup, add a few cheese triangles before liquidizing.


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