This bread is lovely with hummus and salad – or to accompany Chicken Korma.  Just shape them as you fancy.

I got this recipe from an Arabic site called “Recetas Halal” (in Spanish).  Lately, this page hasn’t been working properly, but there’s also a blog (Spanish), and a Facebook account.

– 250g semolina (sémola)
– 250g flour
– 25g fresh yeast (levadura de panadería fresca)
– 1 tsp salt
– Warm water (275/300ml), agua templada


In a large bowl mix together the semolina, flour, salt and yeast and start incorporating water bit by bit until you form the dough. Now, if you’ve got a THERMOMIX, just warm the water in the jug and add the fresh yeast, crumbled. Give it a whizz to mix it into a smooth liquid. Add the semolina, flour and salt and program 10 seconds at Speed 4, then 5 mins at Kneading Speed.

Whichever way you’ve prepared the dough, you now leave it to rise 15 or 20 mins in a warm place until doubled in size.

Now, just work the dough a bit with your hands to remove all the trapped air. With a rolling pin, roll out onto a floured surface, to around 5mm thickness.

With a mould, or a glass, start cutting out 6-7cm rounds and lightly flour them so they don’t stick together (as you can see here, you can also cut the dough into squares or rectangles). Leave to rise again for another 25-30 mins.

Now, in a frying pan with no fat, simply place batches of 3 or 4 pieces at a time over a medium heat. When they start to puff up, turn them over and finish off cooking (just a few minutes is quite sufficient).



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