A crumpet is a griddle cake made from flour and yeast. It is eaten mainly in the United Kingdom. Crumpets, which have never been biscuits, may have been an Anglo-Saxon invention. In early times, they were hard pancakes cooked on a griddle, rather than the soft and spongy crumpets of the Victorian era, which were made with yeast. The crumpet-makers of the English Midlands and London developed the characteristic holes by adding extra baking powder to the yeast dough. The term itself may refer to a crumpled or curled-up cake, or have Celtic origins relating to the Breton Krampoez meaning a “thin, flat cake” and the Welsh Crempog or Crempot, a type of pancake.

225g flour (harina)
1tsp salt (sal)
1tbsp dried yeast (levadura de panadería seca – no sale igual con la fresca!)
1tsp sugar (azúcar)
275ml milk (leche)
55ml water (agua)
lard for cooking (manteca)

Heat the milk and water together in a small saucepan until finger-hot.  Pour into the measuring jug.  Add the sugar and yeast and stir.  Cover and leave in a warm place for 10-15mins until frothy.

Meanwhile, sift the flour and salt into a bowl (with a fine sieve).  Make a hole in the centre and, when the yeast mixture is frothy, pour into the hole.  With a metal whisk, beat the flour into the liquid bit by bit with one hand whilst moving the bowl around in circles with the other hand, until a smooth batter is formed.  Cover and leave in a warm place for 45 minutes.  The batter should now be light and frothy and of increased volume.  DON’T STIR IT!!

Grease a frying pan with lard, using a serviette or greaseproof paper (papel vegetal).  When the fat’s very hot, pour in 4 or 5 tablespoons of the batter and cook for about 4mins.  Turn and cook another 2mins or so.  Serve hot with butter, butter and marmalade, philadelphia, Nutella (Nocilla).  If you don’t eat them freshly made, you can re-heat them in the toaster.

I’m going to try this next time – Eggy Crumpets – “A little oil or butter in a pan. Crumpets in holey side up, beaten, seasoned eggs poured over and cooked until set -a matter of seconds. Sprinkle some cheese on top, cover the pan and let it cook gently for a few minutes until the cheese has melted.

Eggy Crumpets



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