RUSTIC BREAD – easy peasy no knead (sin amasado)

This same process of bread making can be used for any bread recipe that you like. You must be careful to reduce the amount of yeast according to the room temperature at that moment and ensure that the dough has a 60-65% hydration.

You can see a video here on just how quick and easy this method is.

Ingredients for a medium pan
500g strong bread flour (harina de fuerza)
10g salt
6g fresh yeast (levadura de panadería fresca)
325ml water at room temperature
Variety of seeds of your choice (I used sesame seeds and chia seeds)
Extra flour for dusting

In a bowl mix together the bread flour, crumbled fresh yeast and salt. Add the water and mix a bit with your fingers, just enough so that everything comes together, without kneading. Cover and rest for 12 hours (if, after 12hrs you don’t have time to finish the bread, keep it in the fridge until needed – although you would have to let it come to room temperature again for a couple of hours before continuing).

Generously flour your work surface.  Tip the dough onto the flour and stretch
a little to form a rectangle (with your fingertips and without pressing too hard).
Now fold each side into the middle, then turn the dough and repeat the operation in the other direction
. Sprinkle seeds over the work surface and roll the dough in the seeds (mine didn’t seem to stick, so I wet my hand and passed the dough over my wet hands, then the seeds stuck perfectly). Place the dough, fold side down, into a bowl and cover for around 2hrs, or until double its original volume.

After the first hour of the fermentation process, place the casserole you’re going to be using to make the bread into the oven and heat to 250ºC (both top and bottom elements). The casserole has to be scorching hot.

When the fermentation time is complete, carefully remove the hot casserole from the oven. Now place the dough in the casserole upside down (with the fold at the top), cover with the lid and bake for 30 minutes.

Uncover and bake for a further 15-20 minutes. The time depends on the size of the loaf. Myself, I didn’t feel it was necessary to return the bread to the oven as it was already a lovely golden colour. To check if the bread’s ready, you should hear a hollow sound on tapping the base.

Place on a wire rack to cool before eating.

This recipe for homemade bread without kneading is very basic, contains no fat or eggs, and if you don’t have any strong bread flour, you can get the same results with normal flour. The casserole doesn’t have to be cast iron apparently, although I’m sure it gives better results.

Always store your bread in a cloth bag or wrapped in cotton, never in plastic.