This can be made with either chicken, pork, steak or even calf’s liver. My favourites are with steak or liver. I don’t really measure anything! Just use the quantity of ingredients according to individual tastes.

Chosen meat fillets
Onions, finely sliced (2-3)
Bacon (1 packet, 200g, in slithers)
Mushrooms (1 tray, sliced)
Salt, pepper, butter
Brown Mustard
Single Cream (2 small cartons)

Just fry a packet of bacon cut into strips (if you need any extra fat, use butter and not oil.
Set aside on a plate.
Then fry the onions in the remaining fat until well cooked and golden.
Fry mushrooms separately (in butter), until all the liquid they release has absorbed.

Now salt the chosen meat, chicken or liver and spread brown mustard all over it.

Push the well fried onions around to the edge of the pan, and fry the chosen meat in the middle (with extra fat as needed). When cooked, pour 2 or 3 tbsps of brandy over and ignite immediately (and carefully!!). As soon as the flame dies down, add the cooked mushrooms and bacon and a carton (or two!) of cream.
Heat gently until all heated through and serve immediately.


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