There’s nothing to this at all – – just rub a shoulder of lamb all over with garlic and spread a little lard all over too with your fingers.  Pour over 1-2 glasses of water and place in a preheated oven (190ºC).  Turn every half hour or so until you see it golden brown and the meat falling off the bone (1hr 20m – 1hr 30m).  Half way through you can also add a splash of white wine.

Meanwhile prepare the potatoes.  Peel them all and cut into similar sizes if necessary.  Place in cold water, add salt and bring to the boil.  Simmer for just 5mins.  Drain and, with the lid on, move the pan briskly from side to side so that the outside layer gets a ‘floury’ appearance.  Now for proper roast potatoes – that go very crispy, you’d now place these in a baking tray with very hot oil (or other fat of your choice), turn to coat and place in oven, turning from time to time until crisp.  But if you add them to the juice that the lamb’s been cooked in, they won’t have that crispyness, but they will acquire a lovely flavour.


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