You will need one quantity of the 15 Second Thermomix Pastry for this pie. If you don’t have an adequate machine to make this pastry yourself, you can substitute it with ready made puff or shortcrust pastry.

Filling Ingredients:

750g mushrooms, wild mushrooms or a mixture of both
2 onions, finely sliced
750g minced beef
2 eggs, beaten (+ 1 egg yolk for basting)
300ml thick cream
Salt, pepper, herbs (I use thyme)

Fry the mushrooms in butter until all liquid has evaporated. Reserve.
Fry the onions in butter until they’re really soft and starting to brown.
Add the minced beef and stir-fry for around 15 mins.
Add the cooked mushrooms, salt, pepper and herbs of your choice – to taste.
Incorporate the cream and beaten eggs.
That’s your filling done!

Line a shallow baking tin (I find the pastry turns out better in a tin than in pyrex or porcelain) with 2/3 of the pastry (this pastry’s great as you can handle it well with your fingers, stretching it as necessary). Pour in the filling, wet the pastry edges with water and top with the remaining 1/3 of the pastry, sealing it by pressing a fork around the edges. Make 3 generous slits around the middle. Brush the surface all over with egg yolk and bake for around 40mins in the centre of a preheated oven (180ºC).


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