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A dear friend of mine has recently set up this company in Naples, Florida, selling these amazing environmentally friendly bikes, and they’re being snatched from his hands like gold dust!!!  Take a look at his web: (http://www.ecotrikes.com).

EcoTrike EcoTrikes 2

What would I use it for?

  • Advanced Mobility for everyone 14yrs+. Just get up and go.
  • Eco friendly electric power – quiet, emission free and environmentally friendly, low carbon footprint and up to 30 miles on each charge.
  • For  young and old or those who just need a bit of help getting around.
  • Light weight, collapsible and easy to transport even in the trunk of a car or a compact SUV.
  • RV owners – great for quiet campsite mobility.
  • Enjoy the Great Outdoors – perfect for sidewalks, boardwalks, bicycle trails, parks, residential communities.
  • Boat owners – arrive, dock and go.
  • Equestrians – when it’s “Show Time” why rent a golf cart? Plus there’s a hitch and cart option for moving feed to and from the barns.
  • Security Companies – cover huge distances fast and frequently indoors and out. Maximize the effectiveness of your Security Officers and offer the clients a superior service to foot patrols.
  • Rental Business – perfect for bicycle rental companies to offer mobility for those who don’t pedal! Swap the batteries on return and the ET4 is ready for the next rental customer.
  • Folks with disabilities love to ride high with the sleek lines of the ET4. It becomes an OPDMD for those with mobility disabilities with ADA required access to public places.
  • Accessibility – great for contractors and factories that operate in factories or sites. Walking costs time and money and the cart carries up to 200lbs.

We’re sure you can find many other ways to enjoy the advanced mobility of the ET4.
Get green, get out and get going.