Well, we’re now catless at home sadly to say.  Emily came home from University last week and, as Chanel is her cat, she’s taken her back to Galicia to live with her as life without animals was just far too strange, not surprisingly.  I remember the same happening to me when I left home at her age.  So this was her farewell, all ready with harness and a comfy bag and blanket, oh – and a cuarter of a sleeping tablet, which we luckily remembered to get from the Vets (otherwise I’m not too sure how the journey would have evolved!!!)


Bye bye Chanel 1Bye bye Chanel 2

And after having administered the tablet, she had a peaceful 6hr train journey all the way up to Galicia.  It was so strange to be making my tea this morning with noone there to hug and kiss me from the kitchen units!

Chanel asleep in train, 23nov2014Chanel asleep in train2, 23nov2014