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When the rain starts to fall here in Madrid in the month of October/November, it’s time to go picking ‘Níscalos‘: more commonly known as saffron milk-cap, red pine mushroom, or simply pine mushroom in English. Its Catalan name is rovelló (pl. rovellons) while its Castilian name varies (níscalo, mízcalo…).

As I was given so many kilos, I decided to wash them all and prepare them for freezing (sauté in a little butter over high heat for 5-10mins), for later use in risottos, pies, sauces – – – the possibilities are unlimited!  I cut off the washed stalks and made a mushroom stock for my risottos (strain through a fine colander and discard the stalks), which I also froze (refer to the stock recipe).
Níscalos 1Níscalos 2Níscalos 3 Níscalos 4Níscalos 6Níscalos 9Níscalos 10Níscalos 14Níscalos 18Níscalos 19

These mushrooms are ideal for a mushroom risotto.