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Well, it’s certainly been a long time since I’ve managed to attend to my blog, but I’m back!

Marbella, July 2014 (mummy's 76th)Marbella, July 2014 (mummy's 76th)

Just after having started my months’ summer holidays with a weeks at my parents home, when we celebrated mum’s 87th birthday, I fell over a chair back home and onto a radiator – – and the end result was two broken ribs.  I really wouldn’t recommend it to anyone!  Well, that took me a good 5-6 weeks to recover from and I was basically with total rest for a good part of that time.

Once I’d fully recovered, I went up to Galicia (Santa Uxia de Ribeira) with my two dogs for 10 days, to see my daughter and escape from Madrid’s sweltering summer temperatures.  One of the most beautiful parts of Spain, without a doubt.

IMG_9255 IMG_9325 IMG_9338 IMG_9362 IMG_9370 IMG_9449

So, with my broken ribs and medical certificate, my holidays were extended practically for another month (by which time I was actually dying to get back to Cambridge!!) Since I’ve been mobile again, I’ve been -slowly- uploading a few things I’ve been busy with over these past few weeks:

Here’s a denim bag I made for my friend and work-mate Myriam’s birthday, out of an old skirt of my daughters:  https://kazyskitchen.wordpress.com/handycrafts/denim-bags-from-old-jeans/


Then I made these AGA Cooker covers for my sister’s friend, Shirley, from the Isle of Man:  https://kazyskitchen.wordpress.com/handycrafts/aga-cooker-lid-covers-magnetic-range/

AGA Covers5

I’ve uploaded several photos onto the Chicken Korma recipe page:  https://kazyskitchen.wordpress.com/main-courses/chicken-korma/

Chicken Korma

I’ve also added a new recipe, thanks to my boys:  https://kazyskitchen.wordpress.com/snacks-light-lunches-tv-dinners/bacon-dates-and-cheese-empanada-recipe/

Bacon and Dates in Pastry (hojaldre beicon y datiles)

And on that note, I hope to be back with regular posts now – – – until the next crisis!!