Every population on Earth has discovered its own way to the Fundamental Equation of Food:

flour+water+heat + ε = good

(ε being the “etcetera” list parameter) and each claims its own to be the right real thing. (A little later, somebody tried to cook partially rotten dough and bread was discovered, opening the way to even more pointless debate on what consitutes real bread. We’ll touch the topic in a future post.)

Today we’ll stick with the most basic version of the Fundamental Equation, which of course produces unleavened bread, usually cooked in small, flattened discs for no other reason that chewing a thin, melt-in-the-mouth slice is generally considered preferable to attacking a rock-hard clump with your bare teeth.

So, depending on your current whereabouts you can now feast on nam, chapati, pita, tortilla, crêpes —or piadina, typically served in Italy with a patronising smirk to non-locals or flat-out foreigners.

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