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More than three years have gone by since this original post and I finally found these amazing flageolet beans in a French supermarket near home (LeClerc). And, even though cheaper than I’ve seen them in other markets in Madrid, they’re still quite pricey.

After 25 years living in Madrid and several years bringing tins of “Flageolets Verts” from France, I’ve only just found out that over here they’re called Alubias or Fabes Verdinas, that they’re cultivated in Asturias and that I can find them in tins in the centre of Madrid.  I can even find them dried in the outdoor market right by my home! I used to love them, simply accompanied by the Sunday roast juices!

The beautiful market where I’m going to go to buy these beans is called San Miguel Market.  It’s the only surviving market in Spain today with an iron construction, built in 1916, and it’s actually considered of cultural interest.
San Miguel Market, Madrid



Plaza de San Miguel, s/n 28005, Madrid (+34) 915 42 49 36

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