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Dominique 3 years oldDOMINIQUE 2012

Well I’m proud to say Dominique that you’re now not only a champion pizza maker, but also a champion quiche maker.  You know you haven’t changed a bit since you were 3 (and that was 21 years ago!!)!!  The secret was most definitely in the quiche tin/plate used.  Look at the difference between the 1st and 2nd one (first one in a metal quiche tin, second in a glass one!!)  Truly delicious!!

Quiche LorraineCheese, Onion & Bacon QuicheCheese, Onion & Bacon QuicheCheese, Onion & Bacon Quiche Cheese, Onion & Bacon QuicheCheese, Onion & Bacon Quiche

This was made with ready-made pastry from the supermarket (used to line the quiche tin, without removing the greaseproof paper), a packet of crispy fried bacon, a couple of onions (fried for a few minutes until transparent) all mixed together with a carton of single cream, 3 beaten eggs, a packet of grated Emmenthal or Cheddar cheese, salt and grated nutmeg to taste, then enough milk to make up an amount sufficient to nearly fill the pastry lining. Once filled, grate a bit more nutmeg over the surface and a bit of paprika. We added some halved cherry tomatoes on top of this one. Cook in a pre-heated oven (220ºC for the first 10mins, then 190º for a further 30mins or so).