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One of Dominique’s specialties is his home-made pizza, but another one is his scrambled eggs:  finely chopped red & green pepper (pimientos rojos/verdes picaditos), crushed garlic (ajos machacados), beaten eggs (huevos batidos).  To cook, heat olive oil (aceite de oliva) in a non-stick frying pan, fry all the veg until soft, add the beaten egg, salt & pepper to taste and cook until required consistency achieved (the less cooked for us, the better it tastes!).

Dominique's scrambled eggs Dominique's scrambled eggs2Dominique's scrambled eggs3Dominique's scrambled eggs4Dominique's scrambled eggs5Dominique's scrambled eggs6

I think I’d like to add some chopped tomatoes too, either peeled or not (according to taste) – – added when the rest of the veg is soft-ish and before the eggs.